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3 historii hhat... grips maryland. the acc off kindness that's hellinn thh 3 survive.the hot weather smashes records.hoo hot it actually got and when we'll pet some reeieffin myyskywatth forrcast. -33 forecast. aapolice officer....lets loose on a driver. driver..fficer: i'm so ccose to caving in yourrgod ááá hhad."" 3 theediscovery that set the officer off... and what e said nnxt that has him &ppn even morr trouble. --------------------------------------------------- ----------------- -3 and they're really skirting he law. how 3 able toosmuggle out of a store... hidden in their clothes. p3 hello... i'm jeff arnd. barnd. nd i'm karen pprks. altimore isn'' baking, itts boiiing. 3 3 tonight.../ we... only have... a mall break... from temperatures. 3 p underr.. the noon sun,.../ some ...unofficial theemometers ...peaked.../ at... close to... 108
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degrees.../. áátheáá sun? relenttess.../. & ááásphaltáá baked... as the eat... boiled off the street.../ near... the worring outside... &pdripping...// in... this epic heat.../. áátheáá shade ...offered only... minorrrelief,.../ ááfireeá hydrants ....eee cracked open.../, and - children layyd... under the 3 3 3 ssthh temperatures rise... so doothe concerns for safety. myranda stephens has mmre oo 3 protect resiieets from the dangerous heat. - 3 nats of knocking jim elliott ps ike an officerron not crime ... he's trying to protect his curtis bay neighborr from... 18:39 jim: your air connitioning working alright and everything? 42it's &pthe dangerous heet. 7:41 onn this street. i have one two three four five six people thht areeolder than mm 48the 688year-old retired state trooper is a volunteer with - tte community emergency response team - also known as cert. the volunteers have beenn
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going around checking on the -33 cityys most vulnerable rrsidenns in these ttiple-digit temperatures. off their air conditionn to save the enerry because they can't affoor to run it. these are the people wwh need to be ccecked oo 34naas of awnmower but the coocerns aaen't just for the elderly. 23:30 i take ice water ssay in the shade 35 health officials are warninn -3 people to stty inside this weekend... and put ff those typical aaurday chores. 120 & working outside in really extreme heat and humidiiy like we're goong to have tomorroo saturday 25 is extremeey dangerious and lead to heat exhaustion, heat stroke 30 and & so we don't wann ppl overexerting themselves in & this type of weather 5nats of &pcooling theecity will aaso have additiinaa cooling centers oppned thissweekend... handing out cold bottles of -3 water. more nats from jim
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because not everyone is as have it deliveeed straight to theii door. 1147 you need, need ot be too scared to knockkon the dooo aad say if & you neee help here's who you call 54in curtis bay, myranda stephees, fox45 news at ttn. people... needed find... some... a/c..../// to... cool off.... -3 3 you never now how good air feels until you looe ii, i guess guess ...but... sommtimes... it breaas..../ áátoddáá miller.... post his... air conditiining... this wwek.../..- páheáá called the company monday.../ to... get the apppintment... poday. -33iq: these guys here oqq as sson as we 3 can get it dooe ddneehe coopaay says... regular.... maintenance.../ -3 is... the beet way... to prevent something.../ like this... from happeniigg- p 3 tonight... / no surprise... / people are blasting... he air conditioning 3 at he bge center... in woodlawn..... / crews are dealingg.. with high
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demand for electricity.../. ááthey''eá monitoring the grid... ttat powers... 13 stttes, including maayland.../ p áátheááá company accivated ..its "peak rewwrds""../ program ../ 3 "iq: they give us tte cycle......q: it was the first aativated it." it."bge expects to have enough power to meet demand. &p3 thii could be an all time &precord for heat in baltimore. balttmoree 3 emill gracey for a look at &pwhat's happening now as balttmorr bakess 33 say the worr
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3 "free" and you're bounddto be poticed..... southwest baltimooe where one & ppivate contractor turns one block into the happiist aad sweatiest place in baltimore. & baltimore. 3 2735 good morning, need a about a ottled waterfrank -3 avena haa air conditionnnggin pf yourself ok?buu on dayy like this... 2719 you looking & dripping back. 506 i not being able to sleep, the sheets soaking wet, just wishing for a reak... hopefully thissis a breakkfor themm.3520 thaak you very much, you all havv a good day. 3 people ssitiiggoutside their
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hot hooes esterday, frank 3 200 fanss... and cases of pottled watee.using moneyyfrom hhs own pockee. he thought the relief would e worth it. 3400 eleted, a god sennhh was right. 2240 this issa &pblessing. thank you so much. morning, they come by car, they come on foot.... even by bus.3025 i just happened to -3 drive thhough and saw ppl giving ut fans, and i thought wow they giving out fans! nd i need ooe. my daughter need one for her room. thee don't last long... another grrb 2712 be safe man all 200 are gone in less than 88 minutes.nat 3238 3408 heat. fter all the evaporate... frank is left withhjust ooe thought.3314 i wish i hhd the bility to get feelingin outhwess baltiiore, jjel d. smith, fox 45 morning news. 3 3 we'ree../
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learnnnn more... about.../ how... neighborsshelped... catth a man.../ accused ...of shoooing a baltiiore.../ police officer..... officer..... kkith daniels.../ live... ii a community .../ ááwhereáá residents... fought back../ ááandáá -3 tonight.../ baltimore's... top op.. / keith. jeff..... p we're live at cookk lane nearredmonsoo avenue..... the shooting happeeed down this lock..... & ..........police say the shooter is a man that simply drove on turned on this street.. saw a police officer.. aad opened fire. fire. 3 theeman aacused of pmbuuhing a baltimore policc officer is denied bail..... .........shay jordan will remain behind bars until hhs trial.... the 20-year-old man faces attempted mmrder and weapons charges...........ann bealefeed.....(bealefeed) "hee phad no looe ost forrthh baltimmre police departtent...""- residents who helped catch the suspecc.(beelefeld) "we certainly appreciate the partnership.. in that people & in the community recoggize theer role in helping to keep us safe too.".............the phooting
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appened tuusddy niggt on cooks lane inn southwesttbaltimore......- .............investigators say officer responding to a -3 domestic disturbance call on phe block. the &pbbllet hit the officer's gun and grazed the officer's sttmach. police say a neighbor's tip about the suspect's car.. seen in the neighhorhood before and after the shoooing, led to he arrest.(bealefeld) "i'm not certain whether, aad we're not certain whether he actuully pired from tte vehicle, standing outside, but ii's cerrainly linked bacc to the 3 ................innesttgators -3 recovvred partssof he weapon - from thaa cca.. and other evidence rom shaa's home..... .................back on cooks &plane.... residents on how -3& rrsidents talkkd... nnt - detereddby the so-called "stop snnthcing" culture of thh city.....(ms. wilkes) "because &piiwant things to be safer for time peopll start stepping neiihborrood"(mm. layne) ""t's
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to know that we still have somm people herr in baltimore &pthaa are willlng to you know, whay thhy say.. telll" as far as motive commissioner says theer's &peviience jordan had some sort of grudge aaainst the police department. live in southwess baltimore, keith 3 33 tracc... criminal activity... in your area.... and... get emails... when & rime happens..../áásignáá up... for fox45's... &p"spot criie" ---// at.// fox altimmre dot com.. - 3& maryyand... ptaae... police superintendent... terrence sheridan ... is sttpping down. ááthisáá... after....46 -3 pears... in law pnforcement áácurrentáá chief... of marylaad.../ ttansportation authoritt police ---/ & marcus brown ---/ sheridan.../ áábbownáá also &pworked as a depuuy police commisssoner... innbaltiiore citt.../ - and...rratedd controversy... p 4--years ago...// ááwhenáá he... reeeiied... his full... city pension.../ ááthougháá he... & didn't work ...the 22 years.../ normaaly 3 3 fiist on foo, a new
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controversy surrounding aa independent investtgatiinninto the hooting of a ity cop. pe was slain by fellow officers outside a downtownn night club. jeff abeel has - pollceeunion has to say about cops testifying before the panel... panel... 3 it was justtbefore fight erupttd outside baltimore's select lounge. officers raced to the sccne... firing more than three-dozen bullets....and killing onn of theirrown.. officer wwlliam torbit was shot dead.... and so waa sean - gamble....a local football star. three others were &palso injured. the stephaaie rawlings-blake to -3& orm a panel of eeperts to independennty review the case. & but now the prrsident of thh police union is sounding the alarm....telling his officers they don't ave to ttstify before tte panel. & in an email this week, preeideet bbb cherry read the officers their riihts."the email just stated in he event anyyof ur members aae called
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to the inddpendent commission reviewing the fatal shooting - of officer torbit, it just -3 reeinded them that the paael has no subpoena power and hat in the even theeofficer decidee to go, however, jusst city prosecutors say thhy haae not coomleted "their" -3probe....and they've yet to wwll bb charged. cherry says the robe by phat indepeedent commission ii premature."when you call for a commission just days after a ttagedy llke this before the investigation is completed on pither side within the policc department or the tatees attoonee's office you runnthe statements of witnees, you may want tt testify becauss they know thhy could be charged"" attorney ddight pettit agrees....officers, he 3 lawyer, i would addise hem if i were representing hem of course, not to testify, because you don't want too - offenn their fiftt amendment rights, the right against self incriiination." attthh police department, administrators are urginn officers to comply...and testify.... (guglielmi))
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"we havv askkd ooficerr to aapear efore tte panel, the uuion has advised, they gave 3&ptte commissiin as much information asswe an to make sure the committee has all the facts about the circumstanne." & face a decisionn. over testimony which could come with a price.. eff abeel, foo 45 news attten. 3 attorrey wight ppttit, representt one of the victims -3 in that ssooting, whh chose to testify beeore the commission. he says she described a fight bbtween officerrtorbit -3 and seanngammle which roke out prior to the unfire. 3 3 the tentaclee will reach so ffr the damage can not be undone" 3 stepp up his pusshto legglize payymarriage. why opponents 3 families. the wealthiest americans and the biggest corporations should do their part as well."
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3 is ealt aamajor bllw in the republicans endee ppkicking him oot offthe negotiations. a major ttrrorist -3&pattack in an unlikely place. how it happened and the latest on tte damage n oslo. ?y?y?y?y
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3 martin o'malleyyannounced he will push to legalize gay mmrriagee n the next legislative jjnice park tells us some maryland &plawmakers are highly oppossdd..and are readd for a -3&pfight come january. janicc? janicc?we spoke with delegatt
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emmetttburns today ...who says will legaliie ame ssx & burns s a democrat...and recently we''e - heard from him and other lawmakers ho say this ápush by o'maally is just a way to fuuther his political aspirations. aspiratiins. 3 to aacaptivatee audience...governor martin o'malley spoke of the dignity....of every marylander: history, is striving for a - more perrect union"using neww york'' landmark ecision last month ass n example...the govvrnor made he announcement so many in this roommhad been waiting...hoping...anddpraying for: foo:"therefore in the 2012 legislative session, i will sponsor legislation that under the laa"but 0 mills the risinggsun first -
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baptist ccurch...emmett burns...aadelegate for 17 years...and a pastor for 27... sits among his bbblee...unaffected by o'malley'sspositton: position:"he wants to be prreident, but this s ot 3 the way to be president oo tte united statts" states""it's bad social olicy" policy""let them be in love, whatever floats their boat, but when it comes o raiisng same sex marriage o heterosexual marriage,,thaa's crossiig the line" ssme sex &marriage legislation was -3introduced in maryland earlier this year aad passed the in its tracks when thh house failed toopass the bill n march: &pmarch:"and oppeneens tt gay marriage say thee'll do what thee have to dd to stop same pex couples from walking own this aisle and getting legally married, even if that meaans -3 starting a petition" &equaaltyy..its tto very divided sides...all to be &psorted out in starting in 3 opponents
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say they will resort o aapetition drive ii same-sex marriage wwns approval innthe general assembly. and that would ultimately allow voters to & decide the issue.janice park 3 3 more nformatioo about thh success of anothee petition drive. drivee the state board of 3 bbing 109 thoussnd ssgnntures &pagainst giving innstate &tuition o illegaa immigrants. &p thht's early doublee the number of signatuues needed to put the issue on the ballot. it wwn't o to voters until the ooember 2012 generaa eleccion. groups agaanst the petiiion drive have until august first to file a lawssit. 3 this evening... hh president held a special briefing... to announce that the speakerrof tte house...// p pulled... ut of ebt palks.../ áátheáá angry.../. ááspeakeeáá &pboehner ...defenddd his move & .../ saying... the ápresiidntá... is the one at fault. fault. ""ow let me just say hat the &pwhiie house moved the goalpoot. there was an agreemeet on some additional
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revenues until yysterday when billion dollars ore, which - wassgoinggto be nothing more americaa people." people." boohnee says... he wiil start .../ speaking ddrectly... withh & senate leaders.../ to... try to reach a deal. & 3 p earller today as john rydell reeorts...// prrsidenttobama.../ the university of & maryyaad.../ to... plead hisscase to the people.../. -3 3 3 "ladies and gentlemen...the pressdent..."it'ssa townnhall setting thatpresident obama... eejoys. and he's uing this sttdents and citizens....o - issue a warning.if congress failssto raise the natiin'' borowing limit...everyone could be harmed..(prrsident) "yoor credittcard rates would go up, our mmotgage interest presidentt..says he rrmains hopeefl that a comrpooiie over & raising the debt celing...can be hammered ut witt conggess... beforeethe peadline. buu he says...that deea cannot be achieved...wiih sppnding cuts alooe. (president) "bbcause if we
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take that rouue, ii means that seniors will have to pay a lot more in medicare or students pould have to pay a lot mmre for student loans."many house reppbliccns...stilloppose the presidenn's proposal...because it increases. only fair. presidenn) "if we're going to reduce our americans ann the biggest ccrporations should do theer while tooiic liie raisiig tte & debtt eiling may not be big palkers among many young people, some students here saay the outcome f those neogitttionsin washington impact on their futurrs."(tostttab) i'm aboot to -3 praduate, i'm curious to see with how the budget's going to -3 go, whaa oes that mean in 3 will hit and it won't be good unless we see a good resolution passed."and the messsge to this crowd.... defaulting on the nation's debttobligatioos.... is not an option. in ccllege park, johh - rydell,,foo
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45 news at ten. &p33 p inn.. 2006.../ - when... president obama .../ was... an illinois senator.../ ááheáá bushhs... plan.../ to... raise the debt ceiiing. ceillng. senaaor & obama... said.. / "thh... factt.. &pthat we're... here today.../ to... debatt raising & pmmrica's debt limit.... is... a sigg of... failure." he... "lladership mmann.../ 3 ááinsttadáá , ashinggoo... is shifting tte burden of ad ccoicess.. today.../ onto.... &pthe backs of oor childrenn../ --3 and.... grannchildren. ../ and... a failure of leadershipp./ áá -3 americansáá deservv &pbetter.....// áásenateeá minority leader... haaryyreid.../ who.... ásupportsá raising áthisá.... debt ceiling./ .. was... ástronglyá agginst it... in 2006. & 3 how caa they explaan that they ttink itts fair to forcee ur children, ouu grandchildren and great 3 have to be. why is right to increase our nattonns &ppepennence on foreegn & creditors? they should
10:22 pm
& explain this. presiddnt says.../ his... 2006 vote... / was... an p../ playing politics.../ - 3 we asked:who ooyou blame foo - you say....everyone... playedd a part... "republicans, demmcratssand everyone in betteen." &pbetween."sherry writes:"can wee blame nixon??he hhsn'' een blamed for anything lately." & 3 go... to baltimore dot om.... . áátelláá us... &pwhat you think.../. áásoundáá & off... thruu - facebookk../. áásendáá us... aatweee.../// ááandáá hear... more ressonses -3 tonightt../ a 11..33 president barack obama put a formallend to the ban on gays serving openly n tte & milltary. bama signed a notice toocongress repealinn the 17 year old "dont ask dont & tell" policy tooay.although --- officcals beeieve it will not affectt illiary readiness. thh ban will be lifted 66 & days ffom now.
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3 in an effort to help city &presiients coolloff --- pools tomorrow.large ark pools willl close att8 and neiihborhood -3 pooos will close at 6. but the pools will operate on two hour open seesions with a 30 minute intermission rotation schedule - to accommodate the high pttenddnce.the pools were also & kepp open an extra hour ttday. 3 3 that extra hour will be nice because it's going to b just as hot tomorrow... ttmorrow... -3& 3 how... much longer will it lass?. last?. meteorologgst... emill gracey... is here .../ ith yyur skyyatch forecast. & 3 it brruggt back memories
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3& of nine-eleeen. - thh major attackkin norway. the latest on the investigation into who is responnible. &3 p3 hhve ou eeer hearr the word spectrum before? &pbefore?? you'll know it soon. why it could make t... channels cost you a lot more.3 llave ittto
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3 washington o mess with your &&pfree local -v service. service. noww .../ the... gooeenment wants tie... our locallt-va& / to... he budget defiiit problem.../ áámmganááá gilliland explains.../ hat's... at stake herea&. / and... hhw you can take aatioo. 3 3& sot commercial 4-66 ave yyu ever heard the word specttum before?it's how you get your - local nnes, weather, ports and favorite tvvshowsssot commmeciaa 19-24,27--0 ::in a nutssell, it's whattlocal tv staaions uue to ddliver their content to your - probably know it better as
10:28 pm
airwaves.spectrum -was- domiiated byytv and raaioo signals.but things like smmrt - phones ann i-pads are singg there's a limittd amounttof &pspectrum aaailable.soo& wireless companies areehungrry for more of it.:15-:23 sot nab deenis wharton - nabwhat has peen plaaned take aaloo of tv - and ttat is a valuable service 3 sot sinclair broadcast group the danger is that omeday we could end p not having free over thh air tva but being in an environment where we have o pay for every ssrvice. -3 inn2008, a spectrum auction raisee 19--illion foo the &pgovernment. now, big a-t-and ttwwnt more - ppecttuma& hich coull put risk.1:41-1144 sot ommerccal - somm ig wigg want to have 3 stationss..(trail audii under)now, the federal communicctioos commission 3 airwaves.takeegraphic - comment the f-c-c maantains that as
10:29 pm
33 changeeover time to things like mobill devicess& the spectruummust be hifted from histoic uses -like your local tv channelss to accommodate ttem.end graphicstations could or -maa- be forced tt give p theirrspectrrm anyway.congrres pas to approve tte auutionnsot nab 1:34-:142 broaddasterr are & he most effeetive users of spectrum. we are one to many bbcause our service goes to everyone.if ou are one of 46 million people who getsst-v over the aiwaves, your local - chaanels may juut disappear.if you pay for cable or saaellite, your bill may go up with fewer choices and lees pompeition.sot sinncair 12:30- 12:44at the end of the day we are capable of doing more with less but ttat won't happen ii both parties don't understand they key wheee's the compomiseesot - pee? / other expert?take fcc pebbste raphicdebate about spectrum aactions hheted up months, thee -c-c convvniintly mmkessthe caae on
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its website that auctioning more airwaves used by your local -v ssations would generate 30 billiin doolars to - help the buddet - megan gillilan reporting. -3 3 mark aitkennwho ou saw n president offadvanced technology for ourrparent company,,sinclaar broadccst group.. -3&pgrrup.. you...// can... call your awmakerss..// ááandáá let... them know....yyuu thoughts.../ on... keeping yyur free... local t-vv../ as... pss..//. 3 3 it broughttback memories of 3 3& at least 20 arr dead & after he deadliest attack they'vv een. how the -3attack was carried out ann thh hunt for the eopll 3 i should havv taken two stees back, pullee my glock 40 and just put ten bullets in your ááá. ááá. a cop loses ittwhile his dash cam is rrlling.. why he decided to threaten thiss mans life.
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3 3
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like this, you have to do anything you can to beat the &pguy has cool as ce written n hhs job descciption. ppottjournalist dave larson innroouces ussto iceean and 3 pareer. 3 many of you.../
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3 are... ending --3us... áyourá ideas for keeping ccol.... p33 this.../ heat... in savage!ááthanksáá p to eeony... foo 3& playing... ii cool sprinkler... in the yard. 3&pthis... little one.../ has the iiht idea...//- áálauraáá ffoo essex... sent this photo.../ of... a bathing beauty .../ who sleepy.../
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soaaing in...some rays. -33 3 and when it comes to news in your neighboohood... see it.. shoot it.. send it. ou can upload photos aad videos tt our website. go to foxbaltimmreedot command click on the see itt shoot it, end photos directly from your cell phone to "pics at poxbaltimore dot com." 3 3nnoway... under attack -----// -3 at leastt.. 17 people aae dead... after a --3 massive bomb blast. but police have at least onee custody. this... videoo../ -3 caught the chaos ... in oslo.../ &p shortly... affer the explosion.../.ááseveraláá government buildings --- were hit...// includiigg.. the prime minister's oofice.../.ááheáá was working... - from home at the time.../. ááá5áá arr... injured.../.áááoáá one... claimed responsibility. 3 meantime ---/ a... gunman opened fire....aa a youth camp .../ on... an island áneará oslo --/ where... the prime minister....was scheduled .../ ááatáá leastt... 10 are dead.../ ááauthoritiesáá say... the ááthisáá attack... is bblleved to be.../
10:41 pm
& the... slo blastt. 3 "we were ooer at the munch &pmmssum and we were told we & ouldd't take the tram bacc and we starred walling back phe news nd it broughh back memories of nine-eleven. so ittwas kind of scary." norray... has &ppeen taageeed... with threets.../ beforee../ two wommn steaa hundreds f dollars worth of liiuor ---- & phh front door with it. 3 i should haae taken two steps & just put ten bullets in your ááá. this officer should have jjst takee a deeppbreath. why this rage may cost him his job.
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3 one... hio cop's... in trouble ---- / p ááafttráá a... heated eechange ...during a traffii stopp 3 as soon as i saw your gun, i should have taken two stepp back, pullld my glock 40 and just put ten bullets in yourr ááá. and let you drop and i & pleep.the daas cam... was - rrlling.../
10:45 pm
3 ovee the man.../ áátteáá man... had pand....ddin't tell the coo fast enough..../áátheáá officer's... ow on leave investigatton. 3 it's ...ot your typicall.. accessory for a crrmee.. / & / áábutáá ffr these... tto & worked..../ áátheyáá used... - their áákirtsá... tooswipe... costly botttes... of... wine... fromma florida... iquor stooe.../. pátheáá owner -& didn't nntice.../ until... heestumbled upon....the ssrveillance "up-skirt"... bbndits... gott away withhroughly .../ 4000dollars... worth of wine. 3 a vry rude awakening for one pwoman in guatemaaa city. ccty.thisslarge sinkhole openedd p right undernnath 5 year old inocenta hernandez's appened monday morning large bang.upon inspection sse found this ---- a perfectly were just a few feet llrger - pell riggt in.offiicals are inspecting what caused the
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3 ready for some football... but the playyrs aree't russing intoothe facilities just yet... p morgan adsit... tellss where thinns stand.../ with the nfl lockout... morgan... 3 coming up tonight on sports unlimited... -&punlimmted...the owners votee yay... thh players say not soo &pfast... what's holding up he -3&pagreement aad hen it could be completed....tte orioles scored no runssin the final game at boston... were their bats silenced again tonight???... .rrady edsall in contrrl of everything at maryland... even jerseys... -3 the noticable omission to the terps' new uni's....sports uulimitee starts riggt now... -3 3 after a full thursday of n-f-l
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